Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DIARY: I Miss Blogging

Hello Bunnies❤

one thing to say! 
I MISS BLOGGING SO MUCH, but I lost motivation in doing it, somehow. I wonder why too.

But I made a promise to myself, that I will start blogging again this month!
I'm done with my studies, I'm basically free at the moment. All I'm doing now is relaxing. But somehow, it's not even relaxing because i'm doing chores that seems endless to do. I learn to be a housewife and a maid. :( 

So, I hope you guys miss me as much as I miss you guys, and blogging.
I'll do better!!!!!!!!! 

Deedee Young

Thursday, March 5, 2015

REVIEW: Dr. Titi Moertolo Dermatovenerologis Skin and Beauty Clinic

Hello Bunnies❤
This will be my first post this month, and I'm truly sorry for not updating much. I will try harder in putting more efforts on blogging. This time I'll be reviewing about something I did almost 2 weeks ago, and I'm truly sorry again before, because I'm going to write this in Bahasa (kinda mixed it with English if I didn't know how to write it in Bahasa)

Waktu sekitar beberapa minggu yang lalu, pihak dari klinik Dr. Titi sendiri contacted me said that she invited me untuk mencoba beberapa treatment di Klinik Dr. Titi Moertolo. I was excited and at the same time sedikit takut, jadi aku tanya kira-kira apa aja yang bakal dilakuin. She said, aku bakal ketemu sama Dr. Titi dulu untuk skin assessment, sambil pas itu aku bisa tanya-tanya apa aja yang mau aku tanya, setelah itu akan dilakukan skin facial and treatment khusus Dr. Titi. She warned me before, the facial will hurt abit because it's a medical procedure, bukan sekedar pijit-pijit muka pakai cream aja. dan sebagainya.. nanti aku jelasin dibawah! Stay with me yah, ini akan jadi post yang lumayan panjang dan penuh tulisan. 

Aku putusin dateng hari Sabtu dimana aku ditemenin pacarku untuk bantu foto-foto pas disaat aku ga bisa foto sendiri, dan pula Benhill sangat jauh dari tempat aku tinggal, aku ga bakal nyasar sih tapi lebih enak kalo ada yang nemenin kan?? hihi

Monday, February 16, 2015

Rini Cesillia's Valentine's Day K-Pop Make Up Challenge

Hello Bunnies❤
How was your Valentine's Day? I had such rough day but glad we both (me and my boyfriend) could make it through! I love him even more.

I'm joining Ci Rini's Makeup Challenge but I'm not able to make new look so I'm using this one. 
I believe K-pop make up has this "natural" thing their known as, and since I'm doing natural pink Valentine's Day makeup so, I'm joining her makeup challenge. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

MAKEUP PLAY: My Valentine's Day Kinda Makeup + Tutorial

Hello Bunnies❤
Valentine's Day is near! Have you prepare yourself something special for your loved ones?
For the first time since, as long as I can remember, I will finally celebrate this special day with my very special person, my boyfriend. I'm glad I met him.
So, in my preparation for that full-of-hearts day, I will show you my kinda makeup for Valentine's Day.
It's a simple make up (since I can't do too complicated makeup), and since Valentine's Day is known for the pink and red colors, in this makeup tutorial, I will also use pink❤

Let's Start!❤

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

OMBRE HAIR SERVICE: Dark to Bright Ombre

Hello Bunnies❤
I'm back with more of my works! 
btw, sorry for the title, I'm out of idea what to name it this time >.<

So back to the topic!
A client contacted me said if I can do her hair, I said yes of course. So we arranged our meeting time, and it finally come! She was a friend of a friend of mine, so she knew me from our friends. (Sorry if this is confusing). There she came, and omg! I love her hair. It's super long and how I long to have long hair!!! I'm thinking about buying hair clips, though. 
So her hair is super long and kinda thick, she said she used Mane & Tail, that horse shampoo! 
I probably should try it out too.. 

So this is her hair, 'before'.


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