Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SPONSORED REVIEW: CowStyle Milky Body Soap

Hello Bunnies❤ 
I know it's been a long time since I last wrote. 
If you follow my instagram, I now currently working at One Piece Hair Studio, which consume all of my times that I can't write anything. I have only one day off and it's on Tuesday, which is today. 
I usually did nothing but watching TV and just having a time for myself because I'm too lazy to do anything, and I'm tired too. So here I am, trying to get up and motivate myself from all the laziness to actually write again. I know it's a sponsored post but I hope you'll read this as much as I put my effort into it. Happy Reading :)

I'll be reviewing about this liquid body soap I got from CowStyle and Kawaii Beauty Japan 
CowStyle Milky Body Soap

I choose Relax Floral. Why?
I bet you can guess it. First, because it's in PINK! Secondly it has floral scent, though actually I'm more of a fruit-scent lover but this one is an exceptional.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

OMBRE HAIR SERVICE: not-ombre Red Brown touch

Hello Bunnies❤ 
So, I did one of my dearest blogger friend's hair. 
She personally asked me if I can do her hair and I said yes, of course!!
I was expecting it would be ombre hair do, but no! 
but that's okay.. any kind of hair do, I'll be gladly doing it. No worries.

Wonder who she was?
it's ci Gitaaaa

She came with kinda very dark brown hair, and it's also because few moments ago she dyed her hair using BeautyLabo, which didn't really do much to her hair. So she came to me for help.
She wanted this medium reddish brown color. 
Noted: she never dyed her hair before the BeautyLabo. She has virgin hair so yes usual hair colorant box won't really help much with color changes.

Here's her 'Before' hair.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

OMBRE HAIR SERVICE: Reddish Blonde Ombre

Hello Bunnies❤ 
Maaf udah absen terlalu lama. Kali ini aku post dengan bahasa Indonesia yah! I just feel like it.
Aku baru dapet waktu senggang setelah dapat kerjaan hectic yang mendadak yang nyibukkin banget buat aku ga bisa ngeblog akhir-akhir ini. MAAF!!!
Tapi, despite all that, aku masih sempat untuk ombre-in rambut klien ku.

Dia kontek aku melalui Line, asking me whether I still do that ombre hair service, dan aku menjawab, OF COURSE! I would never ever stop!

So yeah, we met first for me to see her hair and to discuss what kinda ombre she wants.

And so here she came, with messy untouched roots.

Awalnya dia mau bagian roots nya gelap biar waktu rootsnya numbuh dia ga usah cat-cat lagi..
but I don't know how, her hair is really really strange! warnanya menyerap cepat ke rambut dia, jadi buat terang.
But I personally think, dia lebih cocok rambut terang seperti ini karena kulit dia putih. 

So here's the after hair

Monday, August 31, 2015

OMBRE HAIR SERVICE: My 'Almost' Long Ombre Hair Duplicate.

Hello Bunnies❤ 
Do you know that I have a bunny now? My boyfriend, my sister and I decided to own a bunny, named Vodka. My boyfriend and my sister are now planning to have another one, so that Vodka won't be alone. Here's my Vodka❤ 

Isn't he cute???

Well now, done with the intermezzo, Let's go on to our real topic!
I HAVE A NEW OMBRE CLIENT and turns out she's my junior in UPH.
(not as junior from the same faculty or major though)

She contacted me through email, telling me that she wanted to have ombre hair but to do it at salon is very expensive and wondered if I can do her hair.
I said, of course! No way I'm rejecting the things i love to do the most.
So we set the date and finally there she came.

Probably let's just see her BEFORE hair, shall we?

Friday, August 21, 2015

FACE: Etude House *I Need You, Aloe! Mask Sheet* Review

Hello Bunnies❤ 
I'm back with new post. 
Lately, I'm so into face mask, I don't know why.
 I'm that type of person who rarely use mask but suddenly interested.
So, I have a lot of mask to try on. Not because I buy a lot but because my sister's selling it for way much cheaper than the store. It's simply the opportunity to try it on, well of course, I'll pay my sister.


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