Monday, August 31, 2015

OMBRE HAIR SERVICE: My 'Almost' Long Ombre Hair Duplicate.

Hello Bunnies❤ 
Do you know that I have a bunny now? My boyfriend, my sister and I decided to own a bunny, named Vodka. My boyfriend and my sister are now planning to have another one, so that Vodka won't be alone. Here's my Vodka❤ 

Isn't he cute???

Well now, done with the intermezzo, Let's go on to our real topic!
I HAVE A NEW OMBRE CLIENT and turns out she's my junior in UPH.
(not as junior from the same faculty or major though)

She contacted me through email, telling me that she wanted to have ombre hair but to do it at salon is very expensive and wondered if I can do her hair.
I said, of course! No way I'm rejecting the things i love to do the most.
So we set the date and finally there she came.

Probably let's just see her BEFORE hair, shall we?

Friday, August 21, 2015

FACE: Etude House *I Need You, Aloe! Mask Sheet* Review

Hello Bunnies❤ 
I'm back with new post. 
Lately, I'm so into face mask, I don't know why.
 I'm that type of person who rarely use mask but suddenly interested.
So, I have a lot of mask to try on. Not because I buy a lot but because my sister's selling it for way much cheaper than the store. It's simply the opportunity to try it on, well of course, I'll pay my sister.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Honey’s Journey Blog Competition

Hello Bunnies❤
How are you? I'm super fine but feeling a lil bit exhausted.
Okay, in this opportunity I'll write about my very first beauty trip experience. 
Remember my previous post about Natural Honey
(You could read it here: Deedee's Review of Natural Honey)
In that post I explained about the advantages of honey for our body, skin, our health and yes, the hand and body lotion itself. And turns out I was one of the lucky 10 winners that was selected by Natural Honey and Bblog to go on this trip called Honey's Journey, of course with the rest bloggers chosen.
I was on a trip with my boyfriend also when I heard this news. I was so freaking excited and I couldn't wait for it. Don't worry I'll be writing this post in both English and Bahasa.
This is gonna be a long written ride, please bear with me and enjoy

Hello Bunnies❤
Gimana kabar kalian? Aku baik banget tapi sedikit capek.
Oke, jadi pada kesempatan ini aku bakal tulis tentang pengalaman beauty trip pertama aku.
Ingat post ku sebelumnya tentang Natural Honey?
(kamu bisa baca disini: Deedee's Review of Natural Honey)
Di post tersebut, aku jelasin tentang keuntungan dari madu untuk tubuh kita, untuk kulit, untuk kesehatan kita dan ya, hand and body lotion itu sendiri. Dan ternyata, aku salah satu dari 10 pemenang yang dipilih oleh Natural Honey dan Bblog untuk mengikuti trip yang dinamakan Honey's Journey, tentu saja dengan ke-9 blogger terpilih lainnya. Aku sedang keluar kota bersama pacarku juga waktu aku diberi kabar aku salah satu pemenangnya. Aku seneng banget dan ga sabar untuk trip ini. Jangan kuatir, aku akan menulis post ini dalam bahasa Inggris juga bahasa Indonesia.
Ini akan jadi post yang panjang, semangat bacanya dan selamat menikmati
~August 1, 2015~
First Day of Honey's Journey Trip
I was so prepared for this trip. Yes, I'm excited because this will be my first bloggers trip and well, bloggers gathering ever. I've never been into one because well the schedule was always clash, so I can't attend the event. Good thing I could do it that time, since I'm so very free. 
I woke up at like 5 A.M, prepared my self, and waited for my boyfriend to come and pick me up.
We gathered at Tempo Scan Tower, in Jakarta (which is 1-2hours far away from my home). 
Turns out it's not only us bloggers but there's also media's writer from well-known magazines or online magazines. So there's 10 bloggers, 10 media and Bblog and Natural Honey people. Frankly speaking, I forgot what media were invited that time, but for the bloggers, there's:

Aku siap banget untuk trip ini. Yes, aku seneng banget karena ini bloggers trip dan gathering pertama aku! Aku belum pernah ikut bloggers event sebelumnya karena jadwal ku selalu bentrok, jadi aku ga bisa hadir. Unutngnya aku bisa ikut waktu itu, karena aku free banget.
Aku bangun sekitar jam 5, siap-siap dan nunggu pacarku jemput dan anter aku. 
Kita ngumpul di Tempo Scan Tower di Jakarta (yang jauhnya sekitar 1-2 jam dari rumahku).
Ternyata ga cuman blogger aja yang diundang, ada dari media juga dari majalah atau majalah online yang cukup eksis. Jadi ada 10 blogger, 10 media dan orang-orang yang bersangkutan dari Bblog dan Natural Honey. Jujur aku lupa media apa aja yang diundang, tapi aku inget bloggernya, ada:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

OMBRE HAIR SERVICE: Craziest Colors Experience

Hello Bunnies❤

I had the most exciting experience with my client. It never come across me that I will do this all colors because I thought I'll be just doing ombre with soft bright natural colors but She came and changed it all
wanna know why this is the most exciting things ever? 
keep scrolling down!

This is her 'before' hair:

HAIR: BeautyLabo Hair Color in Dark Brown (PRICE UPDATED)

Hello Bunnies❤
I still haven't got that free time to write as much as I can.
Now that my laptop is so very out of date, I can edit my photos with the usual App I've always use before. And my phone just broke just when I had my trip with my boyfriend, and a dog destroyed my one and only glasses. There's a lot going on so I'm sorry for not updating much.

In this opportunity, I would like to review about hair colorant product that was given to me by Kawaii Beauty Japan and BeautyLabo. I was one of the lucky 50 winners chosen by Kawaii Beauty Japan.
Thankyouu ありがとう❤

I haven't colored my hair since beginning of this year, it feels like a really long time. Remember I used to change my hair color every couple months. Now, well.. I'm kinda worried about my hair if I colored it too much so I just stop. Until I got this one. I guess I just have to try it on again.


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