Thursday, July 30, 2015

OMBRE HAIR SERVICE: Craziest Colors Experience

Hello Bunnies❤

I had the most exciting experience with my client. It never come across me that I will do this all colors because I thought I'll be just doing ombre with soft bright natural colors but She came and changed it all
wanna know why this is the most exciting things ever? 
keep scrolling down!

This is her 'before' hair:

HAIR: BeautyLabo Hair Color in Dark Brown

Hello Bunnies❤
I still haven't got that free time to write as much as I can.
Now that my laptop is so very out of date, I can edit my photos with the usual App I've always use before. And my phone just broke just when I had my trip with my boyfriend, and a dog destroyed my one and only glasses. There's a lot going on so I'm sorry for not updating much.

In this opportunity, I would like to review about hair colorant product that was given to me by Kawaii Beauty Japan and BeautyLabo. I was one of the lucky 50 winners chosen by Kawaii Beauty Japan.
Thankyouu ありがとう❤

I haven't colored my hair since beginning of this year, it feels like a really long time. Remember I used to change my hair color every couple months. Now, well.. I'm kinda worried about my hair if I colored it too much so I just stop. Until I got this one. I guess I just have to try it on again.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

FACE: NAIVE Facial Cleansing Foam Green Tea

Hello Bunnies❤
First post this July. I'll be writing this in English.

So.. I bet most of you must have heard about Kracie NAIVE Facial Cleansing Foam before?
A lot of beauty bloggers had posted their experiences using this cleansing foam. It's a plant-based cleansing foam that's really safe for our skin and also it has plant-based ingredients that could help every types of skin.
I'm very lucky to try this cleansing foam from Kawaii Beauty Japan. Thankyou..

New Kracie NAIVE Facial Cleansing Foam has 3 variants: 
This is their new package and I'm not sure about the old one but this one only has 3:
- Aloe Vera for Normal skin
- Green Tea for Oily Skin
- Peach for Dry Skin 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

FOOD: Give Me A Quiche

Hello Bunnies❤
Aku kembali lagi! Maaf aku kurang update akhir-akhir ini dan sorry for apologizing too much.
Aku kali ini mau review tentang makanan! I know my blog supposed to be about beauty but well, I love food and i love to eat. That's why I'm pushing myself to review about food.
Kira-kira tau ga makanan apa yang aku mau review kali ini? 
nah, sebelumnya QUICHE itu apa sih? Ada yang tau? 
Jujur aku ga tau, jadi aku sempet tanya ke mr. Google "What is Quiche?"
ini dia, Quiche itu... (menurut wikipedia)
"Quiche has a pastry crust and a filling of eggs and milk or cream which, when baked, becomes a custard. It can be made with vegetables, meat and seafood."
Nah, ini dia!
Waktu dateng quiche-nya, aku ga ada dirumah jadi dimasukin ke kulkas. Pas tau udah ada dirumah, aku lgsg angetin dan langsung makan, nyobain! Well, I'm kinda hungry too at the moment. 
Everytime I look at this photo, I think about pizza. Sorry. This is QUICHE >.<

Monday, June 1, 2015

BODY: Natural Honey Pure Honey Lotion "Beauty Benefits of Honey" Review

Hello Bunnies❤
I'm back with my new post!
This time I'll be talking about essential beauty product I've been using since spring till now, to protect and moisturize my skin from getting dry, dehydrated and direct expose to sunlight.
No worries, this time, I'll be writing in two languages: English and Bahasa. So everybody can read it.

Hello Bunnies❤
Aku kembali dengan post baru aku!
Kali ini aku bakal ngomongin tentang beauty product esensial yang udah aku pake sejak spring sampai sekarang, untuk menjaga dan melembabkan kulitku dari keringnya kulit, dehidrasi dan paparan langsung sinar matahari.
Jangan kuatir, kali ini, aku akan menulis dalam dua bahasa: English dan Bahasa. Jadi semua bisa membacanya.
Who knows what's the benefit of Honey for our skin? 
Ever wonder why does even Honey gives benefit to our skin? 
Well, let me tell you the benefits of Honey.

Ada yang tau manfaat madu untuk kulit kita?
Pernah penasaran kenapa madu bermanfaat untuk kulit kita?
Nah, aku kasih tau yah manfaat-manfaat madu.
Immunostimulating is for stimulating our immune system. In this case, is for our skin.
Immunostimulating itu untuk menstimulasi sistem immune kita. Dalam hal ini, untuk kulit kita.

Overall, honey is important to achieve healthy skin and it's really good to keep our skin healthy. Who doesn't want a healthy skin? I know one product that use natural honey as body and hand lotion.
So, Have you heard about Natural Honey? Frankly speaking, this is my first time hearing it. I was quite amazed by how not-so-expensive-at-all the products are. 
Natural Honey is a product for women who believe that beauty comes from simple things, by being yourself and to shine out your inner beauty. The special formula inspired by Pure Honey derived from natural sources combined with the latest technology so it maintained its purity, is believed to provide natural moisture of skin that emits light. Natural Honey makes a woman look elegant, feel confident and attractive, making it feel comfortable in any situation.

Secara keseluruhan, madu penting untuk mendapatkan kulit sehat dan madu sangat baik untuk kesehatan kulit kita. Siapa yang tidak mau mempunyai kulit sehat? Aku tau satu produk yang menggunakan madu asli sebagai lotion. Jadi, apakah kamu pernah mendengar tentang Natural HoneyJujur, ini pertama kalinya aku tau tentang ini. aku cukup kaget dengan harga produk yang sangat-tidak-mahal-sama-sekali.
Natural Honey merupakan sebuah produk ditujukan bagi wanita yang percaya bahwa kecantikan berasal dari sesuatu yang simple, dengan menjadi diri sendiri dan memancarkan kecantikan dari dalam. Formula khusus yang terinspirasi dari Madu Murni yang berasal dari sumber alam berkualitas yang dipadukan dengan teknologi terkini sehingga terjaga kemurniannya, dipercaya memberikan kelembapan alami yang memancarkan cahaya kulit. Natural Honey membuat wanita tampil elegan, merasa percaya diri, dan menarik, menjadikannya merasa nyaman dalam situasi apapun.

To find out more about this product just click every "Natural Honey" words.
And you guys, if you wanna know how honey is produced, make sure you read this one

Untuk tau lebih lanjut tentang produk ini, klik aja setiap kata "Natural Honey"
dan kalau kalian mau tau bagaimana madu dihasilkan, pastiin kalian baca link ini yah:

Natural Honey comes in 4 different variants: 
Natural Honey Moisture Rich (Olive Oil & Vitamin E)
Natural Honey Pure White (Yoghurt & Vitamin B3)
Natural Honey Antioxidant (Orange Extract & UV Protection)
Natural Honey Firm & Youthful (Yeast Extract & Collagen)
All variants has their own purposes for our skin and comes with different contents. 
You just have to choose which one your skin needed the most. 
Now, I have tried 3 of them, and yes i bought it myself, because i'm in love with it.
Wanna know why I love it so much? Then you just have to keep reading it :)

Natural Honey tersedia dalam 4 varian yang berbeda: 
Natural Honey Moisture Rich (Olive Oil & Vitamin E)
Natural Honey Pure White (Yoghurt & Vitamin B3)
Natural Honey Antioxidant (Orange Extract & UV Protection)
Natural Honey Firm & Youthful (Yeast Extract & Collagen)
Semua varian mempunyai kegunaannya masing-masing dan mempunyai kandungan yang berbeda.
Kamu hanya perlu memilih mana yang saat ini kulitmu butuhkan. Sekarang aku sudah mencoba 3 varian mereka, dan ya, aku beli sendiri, karena aku jatuh cinta sama produk ini. Mau tau kenapa aku suka dengan produk ini? Tetap baca post ku yah!

Now, Let's review it!


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